Preparing for Your Family Photos

‘Tis the season for family photos. For many families, this can be a bit stressful...what do we wear, how does this fit into our schedule, what if my kids don’t cooperate, and then there’s the fact that most people aren’t models so getting in front of the camera can be a little intimidating. Here are some tips for how you can minimize the stress and maximize the fun bonding experience.

1) Pick a time that works for your schedule

It may seem obvious but this may be overlooked, especially if a session is scheduled months in advance. Avoid nap time, meal time, bedtime or times when your kid is generally fussy.

2) Have food/snacks on hand

No one wants to get hangry at their photo session. Be prepared with snacks that are less messy. Stay away from chocolate, crumbly chips or super messy things. Snack food pouches of fruit/veggies or yogurt work great. If you want a sweet treat, a broken waffle cone or gummy bears are a great idea because they aren’t too messy and don’t stain teeth.

It wouldn’t hurt to bring a tooth brush in case food gets stuck in their teeth.

3) Coordinate (not match) your outfits

The #1 question that I get asked is what to wear. Every photographer has their own preferences. I tend to love blues/greens, tans, grays, mustard yellow accents, and the occasional (very light pink) for outdoor family sessions. For studio sessions, I prefer neutrals and lighter calming pallets. Want visuals?? I’ve set up Pinterest boards to show what I mean.

Outdoor Sessions:

Studio Sessions:

Now you can wear whatever you want to my photo sessions. The suggestions are my preferences. If you prefer other colors or styles then you are more than welcome to go with those. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

4)Prepare your kids so they know what to expect.

All of my clients have been great about letting their kids know "there's going to be a lady taking pictures of us" so the kids are not surprised when I pull out my camera. Also, let your kids know that this will be fun! Mrs. April is here to take some pictures of us playing and snuggling! I EXPECT for kids to be kids and not want to cooperate with sitting and smiling...some LOVE IT and so I roll with it, but it's more important for everyone to be enjoying themselves and capture real happiness and forcing a child a sit perfectly and smile flawlessly.

5) Use the session as playtime and plan to do lots of laughing

Ok, so that's a repeat of the last paragraph, but I'm saying it again because I mean it! It's so important to me to get interaction between family members. Don't worry - I'll prompt you on what to do, but if you want to take initiative, then go for it :) When there is a smile, I'll be there to document it. When you love on your kids, you'll get so much more than perfectly posed photos. You'll get connection, emotion, and love.

Reserve your fall family session here:

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