Monday Motivation #3: Improve your life in 3 steps

September 2, 2018



A couple weeks ago I was in the grocery store with my two young boys. I had my messy, unwashed hair up in a bun. I was overly tired from several night-wakings with the children. I had a basket full of groceries. A three year old who refused to ride in the car on the front of the basket and a squirmy one year old who was being held by me with one arm since he was DONE riding in the cart. To say I looked a hot mess might be...exactly correct. I was a hot mess. I had made it through the store and was making my slow exit, thanks to the three year old "helping" me steer. I was ten feet from the exit when a nicely dressed man walked up to me. I thought, "Oh no...what does he want...a survey...I don't want to do a survey...oh please, not now." Instead of requesting me to complete a survey of my shopping experience, he kindly asked if he could help me.  Despite what it may have looked like, I actually had quite the handle on things. Most of my days at home look very similar to this scenario, so I politely declined his help. But it stuck with me. He asked to help. Sure, maybe he knew I could do it...but he took the time to offer his help. He let me know that help wasn't far, if I needed it...or wanted it.  Even if I don't NEED helps to know it's there.


I've considered this situation many times. I need to be like that man more often. People need to know that there is someone near that care about them. Would this lead to improving other people's lives? Possibly. But what if they don't NEED the help?  Could it be just as impactful at improving my life??


I'm going to offer up 3 steps to improve your week, your month, possibly even your life. If your life is perfect, you may move on. If it could use any enhancement, I'm going to suggest that you attempt these 3 steps. I'm going to warn you...they may not be as easy as they sound.


Step 1:  Look for an Opportunity to be Kind


Keep your eyes open for someone in need or really ANYONE that you can communicate kindness to. Maybe it's the hot mess momma in the grocery store, an elderly person crossing the street, or someone you'd like to give positive feedback to. 


Step 2: Don't expect anything in return.


No thank you's needed here. No "wow, you're amazing and kind." Be anonymous, if possible. 


Step 3:  Repeat


Complete this cycle again. 


You guys, this is SO simple. WHY does is work? Because it moves from being ME focused to YOU focused. Instead of focusing on how YOUR having a bad day, focus on how you can help SOMEONE ELSE have a great day!


You can do it! 







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