#MondayMotivation 1: The Crush

August 20, 2018



How do you approach that special someone that you’re crushing on from across the room? If you’re like I was, you have a distinctive, predictive, and highly ineffective plan. The plan is to ignore. Don’t let them see you look. Do not act interested. When they walk your way, you walk... no run in the opposite direction. If they happen to break through the barrier and become your friend, then you have only one option...let them know they are in.the.friend.zone.


But WHY?! That's not what you WANT?? Is it fear...



I was reading through a journal I wrote in the 7th grade. I wrote that I wanted to be a photographer. I didn't remember writing that but I knew at a young age I fantasized about being a photographer. I dreamt about it as a child, teenager, younger adult, and a (still young :D) mom. It took some adversity before I chose to pursue my dreams. Others believed in me before I believed in myself. 


Go back to that dating scene - Suppose a young man was at a coffee shop. He met a girl and was smitten. He invited her to church. It was seemingly platonic. Before church, he led that girl up to their university's rooftop in the middle of campus where he had laid out dinner on a picnic blanket.  Whoa...that was a bit risky.  Perhaps, she was unflattered and rejected his romantic gesture? 


Perhaps not. Perhaps, I was the girl and I married that man.  


Confidence. Boldness. Riskiness. These led me to my husband. And these have also (VERY slowly) led me towards pursuing my dreams. Fear crippled me for so long. I even sometimes slip into that hole and then I work to pull myself out again, having faith that progress is...progress. So I push on.


What about you?? Are you crushing on a dream?


Stop running. 


Look it in the eye. Reach out. Go get it.


Go see this post on VIDEO: 









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