And so I go...

Hello friends. I'm still here and I'm glad to see you. I'm WAAAAYYYY behind on blog I'm just going to jump ahead to what's next.

If you've been following along on Instagram or Facebook, then you know it's been a busy year so far for me. Not only have I continued to photograph sweet little babies and families, but also opened up my business to a more commercial market. I have found a passion in conceptualizing photo sessions designed around a central theme/idea/or person. This has led me to do some branding photography with individuals to help them create images that characterize them, market to their target audience, and that they are proud of.

In order to grow in this creative and technical niche of photography, I am challenging myself to do TEN CONCEPTUAL SHOOTS and I MUST be cray-cray. Right now, I try not to over-commit myself (professionally) on a long-term basis because I'm busy trying keep two littles alive over here. So this IS a huge commitment, but I have found that I gain nothing when I don't challenge myself. I THRIVE in the midst of challenge and I'm hoping I can create some beautiful imagery to share with you!

So, WHO WANTS TO JOIN ME???? Hahahah! No really. Who wants to join me? It will not be a competition, as there will be many different interpretations of the themes presented. If you don't want to take photos, please check in every once in a while to see what's new - I will try to get some beautiful and thoughtful stuff to share with you.

In order to start on this journey of TEN CONCEPTUAL SHOOTS(!) I reached out to the Facebook and Instagram communities to get some words to start off with to build sessions around.

THANK YOU to everyone who offered up one or more words. I was inspired by your words!!!! I wrote all of the words down onto a plain white piece of paper and scoured over them until each word finally found me. Each of these ten words selected are diverse. They challenged me. They scared me. They are just what I needed. So thank you!

I've included an image from a recent session with the Stephens family. Their (almost?) 4 year old is full of life and energy and I had to capture it. In this picture, she's exuberantly running down this windy path. She doesn't know where exactly she's going, but she's not afraid, she just whole-heartedly GOES. And so I go also. Want to go with me?

(Stay tuned for those words :))

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