What Momma wants for Christmas

Let's be honest. Mom is EASY to shop for. In fact, you don't really even NEED to buy anything. Homemade gifts are (in her words) "the best." But I'm going to give you the inside scoop on what Mom really WANTS for Christmas.

First, Mom always wants her family to be together. She wants everyone to bond. Mom bond with Dad. Dad bond with kids. Kids bond with each other. Etc. She wants a family that loves each other and spends time together.

So then what does Mom want for Christmas... yes, she wants time together, as mentioned above. She also wants those beautiful, sentimental memories. And she wants proof of them happening. Yep, you guessed it. She wants pictures.

WAIT, WAIT. Before you leave, hear me out.

Does she want pictures of her kids? Yes! Good ones, too. She wants them to be (& look) happy in these pictures. She wants pictures that are clear...not blurry!

Does she want pictures of Dad? Yes! Especially with the kids. Documenting that relationship is sooo important.

Often times, this is where the pictures STOP. So what's the problem?!

Where is MOM? She's behind the camera. And y'all... she WANTS to be in these pictures! She NEEDS to be in these pictures.

Does she need/want to be in EVERY picture? Nope.

Does she need the just-woken-up-with-drool-on my face, got-up-10-times-in-the-night, accidentally-put-my-shirt-on-backwards picture?? Nope, nope.

But she needs pictures with her family. She needs pictures with her babies - big & small. Maybe that means Dad makes an effort to get the family picture on Christmas Day? Or maybe they had professional pictures taken, so Dad PRINTS pictures/artwork for their walls for her Mom to look at and enjoy.

Or maybe is has just been TOO LONG since Mom has been in a picture with her family and she needs a photo session. IF this is your Mom, then let me help you.

I've got mini sessions coming up again in January at a gorgeous location TBA :)

Let's get these scheduled. I PROMISE, MOM WILL LOVE IT!!

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