Awesome Annoucements

Ok guys. Y'all have been so patient. I hope you find that these announcements do not disappoint!

Here they are:

1) Christmas Cards. If you had pictures taken with me this year and you are one of those, like me, who still do paper Christmas Cards, then you can order them from me. These will also be available with my upcoming Christmas session. 25 cards for $50. That includes shipping.

2) Who has time to print pictures?! Every time you buy a digital picture from me in 2018, you also get a printed 5x7! There are several reasons for this and one is Quality. Read more about the difference in quality here: Another reason is: Convenience. That's just one thing that you can mark off of your to-do list. The last reason is: Buy Local. I will be purchasing all of the prints from a local, professional printer. The cherry on top is that a portion of their sales support the building of water wells in Africa =D

3) Ok Next...Who likes to save $? Me!!! Guess what?! If you are a returning client in 2018, you get to save $50 off of your session fee. This goes for any of my past clients...even if you skipped a session in 2017! This is because I LOVE my clients...I. Really. Do.

4) Referral program. Ok, this has actually been around but I'm not sure folks know about it. Refer a friend for pictures and get another $50 off. Whaaaaattttt?! Consider it my thank you note :)

5) Next year, I've got some fun things planned. Princess sessions. Mommy & Me sessions. Sunset sessions. It's going to be EPIC. Yes, yes that is the first time I've said that word. Ever.

6) Who's still with me for #6??????????? Any WRITERS out there? I'm not sure if you can tell, but I am NOT a writer. If you love to write and would like to be a guest blogger, then YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME. Please. I beg you. Just kidding. No really. I kid. But do I?

Stay tuned for some beautiful products that I'll be offering in addition to prints next year.

Love to you all!


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