Can you tell the difference in prints? Take the test.

Why buy professional prints? I mean, EVERYONE sells prints...Walmart, Shutterfly, Target...and they're SO much cheaper than buying from a professional. So WHY would ANYONE buy from a photographer? What's the difference anyways?!

First of all, photographers buy the BEST photography and editing equipment to provide the BEST product for their clients. They adjust the settings in their camera before a session to get perfect color, quality and exposure. Then, as they're photographing, they make adjustments needed to keep those pictures looking beautiful. After the session, they take those pictures and upload them to Photoshop and tweak them to get them looking PER-FECT! Then, they share them with you. WOW! Those pictures are GORGEOUS! You're in love. You take those pictures to your nearest Walgreens and BAM, they are ready in JUST. ONE. HOUR! Superb!

Well, I have been this person. The problem is...that the product that Walgreens is providing is NOT a professional product. Don't get me wrong, I love Walgreens. I've got nothing against Walgreens, but they are in the CONVENIENCE business...not the professional photography business. So WHY would you buy expensive, nice, professional pictures just to get mediocre/cheap prints put up in your house or gifted to your loved ones?

No fear friends, before this all becomes too over-whelming, I'm here to let you know that in 2018, whenever you buy a digital image from me YOU ALSO GET A PROFESSIONAL 5X7! So I am helping to solve this problem for you :) Rest at ease.

Now, who wants to see - Is there REALLY a difference in Convenience/Cheapo Prints vs. Professional Prints? Let's compare below. Keep in mind that my style (the one I've worked so hard to get for you) is SOFT, JOYFUL, PLEASANT, BEAUTIFUL. My style is NOT moody or dramatic.

Below is a list of Walgreens prints vs. MUSEA (professional photo lab) prints. Can you see a difference?? Do you see which one fits the photos that I meticulously create for my clients?? I'm putting the answer key at the bottom of the page.



These are the professional (MUSEA) prints:

1) Left

2) Top

3) Bottom

4) Bottom

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