Living in the Good Ol' Days

Let's talk about those 1st six months.

Heaven, help me. My baby just turned six months.

Let me tell you, these are the survival days. They are also the no-sleep, no-shower, no-clean-laundry, no-social-life, no-netflix, and no-sense-of-what-day-it-is days. They're all kinds of hard. Work hard, play hard, and repeat.

Did I say they were hard? They are hard because your life has just been turned upside down. I am now responsible for ANOTHER life...what was I thinking?! Was one extra not enough? Doesn't matter what # child this is...biological or give blood, sweat, and tears. You struggle and try. Some days are fail and some are succeed.

These days are such a blur. A blip on the radar of life. I will forget 95% of these days. I will remember the BEST of times. Maybe the worst, too.

Either way, I will look back and say that, "These were my good ol' days." The days when the kids were little. When me and the mister were too busy for any kind of "conversation." The days when my body was sore from the late nights and ups and downs. The days when I was at best unknowingly wearing food on my yoga pants or sweatshirt and at worst wearing bodily fluids. The days when I was tired...tired and happy. I tear up just thinking about it.

Because I think about how these are the cuddle days, too. They are foundational. They are bonding and growing. They are firsts...first smile, first laugh, first trip...first step...first....everything. They are giggles, laughs, and all kinds of silliness.

If I survive these days, I sure am going to miss them.

I must remind myself not to worry about perfection. Just live. And love. These moments will be gone before I know it.

Nothing fancy here, folks, but here's a glimpse into my "good ol' days"...

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