My Preggo Self

I start my blog off by sharing my self-portrait photo session. I wanted to start my blog here since this is the point at which most of my clients will approach me for either a maternity or newborn photo session.

The special ladies that approach me will likely be in full-on pregnancy mode. Like me, they may unable to see their feet, have back pain, sciatica, cellulite, stretch marks, swollen feet and cry when they see puppies. They may sleep with 5+ pillows but still cannot seem to find the right position. They may be clumsy and forget that they can no longer squeeze between their car and the Sonic menu. Embarrassing! They may be praying to make it just to the sweet spot in their pregnancy where baby is fully-cooked but not over-baked. Perhaps they have a list a mile long of things to do before baby comes. any. day. now. They may simultaneously feel anxious and excited - come now wait I am not don' don't know! If they have other children, they may want to pause the moment to cherish this time with their other child(ren) but also cannot wait to meet their fresh babe.

So world: THIS IS ME. I am here right now. I have all the preggo feels and bless-my-heart moments that go with this special time. And ladies, maybe you're here too...or you will be.

As I prepared for my photo session, I was TIRED. I really wanted a NAP. I am also no model. And I am no longer a 20-something. I wasn't sure I had the energy or concentration to set up for pictures, do my make-up and hair, and change my clothes all by the time my 2 year old woke up from his nap. I was self-conscious about my posing and...everything else. I wasn't sure the time I invested would pay off. Now I look back on a few weeks ago and I'm so glad I made it happen. Taking time to document the moment was worth it.

Pregnant and postpartum mommas - maybe you are feeling amazing (I hope so). Or maybe not so amazing. But I promise your are BEAUTIFUL. You are GLOWING. Maybe you don't see it now because you are buried oh-so-fun pregnancy/postpartum symptoms or you are busy chasing around children around or you have avoided glances in the mirror, but if you take time to document this time then when you look back, you will see the beauty that everyone else sees. And I would be honored to join you in your journey. To document the beauty of the creation of a new life. You will see it, I promise.

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