When scheduling professional maternity and newborn photography for the first time, it can be a completely new experience and most parents aren’t sure what to expect.  I have created a list of FAQ’s to help parents know what to expect and how to be prepared.

What types of sessions do you offer?

I specialize in maternity, newborn and family photography.

Do I do outdoor sessions? 

Family sessions can be done outdoors in the Nashville area. Some places are free and others are not; I can provide a list of outdoor locations that are highly recommended.

How much do these sessions cost? 

Newborn sessions start at $350. Mini maternity sessions can be added onto to a newborn session for $100.

Milestone sessions start at $225.

Family sessions start at $350.

Please contact me here to receive a quote on your session and preferred products.

Do you offer mini sessions? 

For posed newborn photography, the petite newborn session is similar to a mini session. It’s designed for clients who want a shorter, less expensive option. 

For families, I offer mini sessions two times per year. If you wish you be alerted about mini sessions coming up, please request to be on the email list here.

After my session, how do I select my images and products?

Your gallery will be ready to view 2-3 weeks after your session and we will meet in the studio or in home to select your products.

What products do you offer?

I offer a range of archival products including framed fine art prints, gift prints, keepsake photo boxes wood prints, photo albums, and digital files. These products are high quality and meant to last a lifetime.

You will be able to see sample products in studio. If you'd like a full list of products available with pricing, please contact me here.

Can I purchase high-resolution digital files? If so, will I receive a print release?

Yes and yes.

When is the best time to schedule your maternity session?

It’s always good to reserve as soon as possible. Most women prefer to have their session in the 3rd trimester between 32-36 weeks, but anytime is good.


When is the best time for posed newborn photography? 

It’s always good to reserve as soon as possible. The best time to take photos within the first two weeks of life - this is because they are less sleepy and flexible after those two weeks. 


When do you take pictures if baby is early or has health difficulties at birth?

If baby is preterm, has complications or a NICU stay, then parents are encouraged to focus on helping baby stay healthy and not worry about getting them in the studio in a certain amount of time. 


Many preterm babies can be posed after 2 weeks of age. If a baby is not healthy enough to be posed, then accommodations can be made to ensure their needs are met during a session. It is vital that parents communicate with the photographer about any accommodations that they need prior to their session.


How do I reserve a session? 

You can reserve your session by contacting me here. A reservation form and $200 deposit are due at booking. Newborn sessions are tentatively scheduled prior to baby being born and then confirmed or changed after baby arrives. It’s imperative to contact your photographer soon after baby’s birth to make sure and schedule your newborn session within a 2 week timeframe, if you have a posed newborn session.


If I only pay a deposit, when will the full amount be due?  

The full amount is due 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes. This is a great reason to reserve early, so you have time to for your session in smaller amounts.


At what age do milestone session start? 

Milestone sessions start at 3 months, but you can schedule them at any age.


What are common milestone ages? 

3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year

4 months, 8 months, and 1 year

How should I prepare for the newborn session? 

I'll send you a pdf on how parents can prepare for the session, though there's not a whole lot to it. The most helpful thing you can do is bring a pacifier and plan ahead for how you will feed baby; some moms bring bottles of pumped milk or formula and others nurse in studio. Make sure to bring a snack for you, since sessions can last 2-4 hours. Baby is boss, so I like to roll with how he/she is doing and leave time for comforting, eating, and diaper changes as needed. I'll often ask parents to monitor baby or put a hand on them when baby is on the posing bean bag or in/on a prop.


What should I wear for my session? 

If you plan to be in photos, you can view wardrobe recommendation on my Pinterest page here: https://www.pinterest.com/amilam/in-studio-family-photo-session-inspiration/


Do I need to bring props?

If you want to bring in something you are welcome to, but there is a wide range of props to choose from.


How do I request a particular pose?

The easiest thing to do is to view my portfolio and tell me which poses or pictures you would like to have. Some babies prefer not to go into certain poses and I'm able to discern in a session if a particular pose would be uncomfortable for them. 


What to see what props I offer?

You can view those here: 



What will my baby wear for their session?

Most babies are photographed wrapped in cloth (provided) and nude. Babies can also wear clothing in studio (provided) or bring their own outfit. Keep in mind that most newborn clothing will be WAY to big, so if you bring your own clothing make sure it is fitted.


What are your safety standards? 

Safety is a #1 priority for all types of photography and especially newborn photography. View safety standards here.

What if my baby doesn’t sleep for their session? 

Please try not to worry about how your baby will be at their session. I have experience with different temperament babies as well as different types of sleepers. Every effort will be made to get beautiful images of your newborn, whether they are asleep or not. 


What if my baby gets hungry?

Then let’s feed them! If you’re nursing you can nurse in studio, a Boppy pillow will be provided. If your baby takes breast milk in a bottle, then you can pump, if needed. Or if they are taking formula in a bottle, please make sure to bring plenty with you. 


Where is your studio located?

I have an in-home photography studio in Spring Hill off of the Saturn Pkwy exit. Pictures of my studio can be seen on my website at: www.aprilmilamphotography.com/the-studio

Frequently Asked Questions